07 Oct 2013

Latvia Government Agency Hacked, 3,500 Accounts Leaked

A Latvia governmental agency was hacked by Anonymous, who leaked almost 3,500 credentials on the Internet, according to the Cyber War News. The State Employment Agency in Latvia was breached by a hacker who goes by the name of “th3W1n5t0n,” as part of a larger anti-governmental operation.

The Anonymous hacker published on Pastebin the usernames and passwords of thousands of accounts stolen from the compromised employment agency. He also posted the slogan of the AnonOpsLegion: “Kill one call it murder, Kill thousands call it foreign policy.” After the leak, th3W1n5t0n also posted a message on the agency’s Twitter page to taunt them about the security breach.

The leaked data base included four server credentials with user emails and encrypted passwords, 11 administrator credentials with user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords, and over 3,000 user accounts with names, clear text passwords and email addresses.

The State Employment Agency is a government-owned and -operated organization offering employment services in the European country of Latvia. The agency also provides free of charge career services, operating in 27 offices of career services in all the regions of the country.