29 Nov 2011

Largest denial-of-service attack shut down one website for a week

At a time where many ecommerce websites are stocking up on internet security programs for the holidays, Porlexic, a company that specializes in denial-of-service attacks, said one Asian ecommerce company experienced a week-long shutdown in early November from a large attack.

Prolexic said the attack featured four consecutive waves launched by multiple botnets between November 5 and November 12 of this year. At the apex of the attack, 15,000 connections per second were made by attacking computers to the business' website, overloading the page with too much traffic and causing it to crash.

"Sometimes we also see a state-sponsored or state-complicit attack because of large amounts of out-of-country Internet payments for these ecommerce transactions," Prolexic CTO Paul Sop told PC World. "The state does not collect taxes for them, and in some countries these ecommerce transactions are targeted."

Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks said while this was a large attack, it's far from the largest of all time, as there have been attacks more than twice this size. Sop told the website that there are botnets capable of taking down 99 percent of websites, so businesses need to have internet security precautions ready.