21 Dec 2011

Lady Gaga social media websites hacked for scam

The internet security of millions of Lady Gaga's "monsters" may be at risk, as her social media accounts were hacked in an effort to get the singer's fans to click on a link supposedly leading to a free iPad 2.

"Monsters, I'm giving away FREE iPad2's to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays," Lady Gaga's Twitter account, ending with a friendly smiley face and a not-so-friendly link designed to scam people out of their personal formation. This could have been a lucrative hacking for these scammers, as Lady Gaga has 45 million Facebook fans and 17 million followers on Twitter.

"Even though the first link in the chain has now been suspended by Bit.ly for being suspicious, the chances are that other links will be out there and still live so don't be sucked into the scam yourself," Davey Winder writes on Daniweb. "Even at this time of year, especially at this time of year, there's no such thing as a free iPad."

MSNBC said there have been similar iPad scams on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of groups such as Blink-182, Maroon 5 and Lifehouse. Those who use social media websites should protect themselves with antivirus software.