07 Mar 2012

Know what kind of malware to protect against

Although antivirus software will protect against many viruses, bugs and other pieces of malware, Neil Rubenking writes on PCMag that companies and individuals should know about the other types of viruses that could creep up. Users should invest in internet security to make sure they are well defended against these viruses.

Rubenking mentions malware such as adware, which displays unwanted ads on a computer,  backdoor attacks, which open computers to hacking, and Bots, which hoard computers to do someone else's bidding.

"On its own, a bot isn't harmful," Rubenking said. "The creator, or 'bot herder,' works hard to get as many silent bot infestations as possible installed, then rents out the bot network to others. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are often managed by sending commands to a bot network that cause all the infested PCs to run an attack script."

PCDrome said other than antivirus software, internet security methods that can be used to protect a computer include operating system updates, ISP security and being aware of other attacks, such as phishing.