12 Sep 2011

Keeping smartphones and tablets virus-free

With the influx of smartphone and tablet use among Americans, cyber criminals are bound to try to find ways to hack sensitive information, says InformationWeek.

The website says securing tablets and smartphones is different than a PC or a laptop since there are threats out there that don't apply to PC and laptop users.

Malware is continuing to grow, lost phones and tablets are opening up sensitive information to potential thieves, says the website.

InformationWeek listed steps to keep smartphones and tablet users safe from hackers which include locking the device, avoiding questionable applications and backing up data.

Businesses have been asking computer manufacturers to make tablets as secure as PCs, Tech Journal South lists some of the ways tablet-producers recently ramped up security.

The website says one of the improvements is that tablets now have anti-malware and firewall protection. Another security item now on tablets is user authentication. There is an active credential capability app that can be launched to verify who is logging onto the tablet.