19 Dec 2011

Keep Windows running smooth with antivirus and updates

Users can have a great experience with Windows 7, but Rob Lightner writes on CNet that users should keep their computer updated, have a good antivirus program, and remove unnecessary files and programs to keep the computer running smoothly.

Lightner said while computers aren't usually struggling for hard drive space, there are programs that can needlessly clog up computers. To be sure to look carefully at what is being deleted, lest a user delete a program that is important to the functionality of the computer. He said users should also frequently scan for malware and viruses.

"Many more websites than you would think install cookies and programs on your computer to keep tabs on you or indulge in even more nefarious shenanigans," Lightner said, adding that users should have a scanning program loaded on their computer and frequently run it to make sure malware isn't allowed to run a computer.

IntelligentEdu said that another way to keep a computer running smoothly is download Windows updates when a new one pops up. There are important patches in these updates that can help keep up a computer's internet security.