26 Oct 2011

Japanese politicians attacked by computer viruses

According to multiple news sources, computers belonging to members of Japan's House of Representatives were found to be infected with a computer virus. These politicians should get better antivirus software as soon as they can. The New York Times said this is the latest attack in many that have caused concern for the leakage of sensitive information.

Three computers from members of Parliament, as well as a possible server, were found to be infected by the virus, according to government spokesman Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura. The spokesman did not give details, but said the viruses had been used to attack within the past three months and may have stole emails and password information.

The New York Times said the report comes a month after Japanese defense contractors were attacked by viruses. The viruses in this case were also aimed at classified data, but the companies were unsure if any of the classified information was stolen, according to the news source.

The Mainichi Daily News reports that internal affairs and communications minister Tatsuo Kawabata said his department will look into the viruses as soon as possible. The news source said the virus may have been caused by a document opened in an email in late July, something that an antivirus program may have helped quell.