17 Oct 2011

Japanese officials believe hackers were coming after defense secrets

In recent cyber attacks on Japanese corporations, officials in the country believe online criminals were looking for country defense secrets, according to UPI. Internet security may need to be ramped up in Japan, as Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were infected with viruses.

Both companies were infected when trying to access a website in the United States and exchange data, the news source said. Japanese police have asked authorities in the U.S. to help them find and bring the hackers responsible to justice. UPI said experts have said that it is unusual for this springboard attack to be used in separate attacks.

The Daily Yomiuri Online, a Japanese news source, said police are increasingly starting to believe that one hacker was responsible for both attacks. The virus was sent through a computer at the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies, the news source said.

In attacks like this, the news source said PCs and other equipment with low security are infected with viruses and used without the owner's knowledge. Users wanting to avoid this should update their antivirus software to make sure internet security is up to par.