11 Nov 2011

Japanese man arrested for PC virus attack

In what is being called a "revenge" virus attack by the Daily Yomiuri Online, a man was arrested on suspicious of sending a computer virus to a server that hosted a website he was restricted from using. For attacks such as this, it is important for PC users and companies alike to have a good antivirus program.

Takashi Tomiyama allegedly sent a computer virus he created to a PC hosting a website owned by someone else in August. According to the website, the virus rendered it unusable and caused users' browsers to rapidly pop up, crashing the internet.

Tochigi prefactural police said he was tracked through his IP address and other data, the Daily Yomiuri said. The Mainichi Daily News said he told police, "I built the virus on my home computer to attack the chat room," and according to investigators, he had been a previous user of the website's chat room.

Tomiyama is the first person to be arrested for this after Japan recently updated its penal code to change the definition of a virus. Creating a virus without a "legitimate reason" for distributing it is punishable by up to three years in prison. Even with adjusted measures, users should have good antivirus software loaded up.