05 Dec 2013

J.P Morgan Loses Credentials of 465,000

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is warning 465,000 cardholders that their financial and personal data may have been affected in an attack that took place in July. The attack was discovered by bank security in September, according to Reuters.

The 465,000 cardholders, which account for just 2 percent of total cardholders, possess prepaid credit cards issued for unemployment compensation, tax refunds or other benefits.

The vulnerability was fixed shortly after the breach and reported to the law enforcement. The bank stated that no important information such as social security numbers, email addresses and birthdates was lost during the attack.

The bank is not issuing new credit cards for its customers because no funds were stolen during or after the attack and there is no evidence of other crimes.

The bank stated it is investigating to see which accounts were affected. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating too.