12 Jun 2012

Italian Government Websites Defaced by "GhostShell” Hacker Group


A hacker group calling itself “GhostShell” began a protest against extreme-right nationalism and racism in politics by hacking government websites. And Italy is amongst the first to have public-sector websites attacked as part of a larger campaign called ProjectWestWind.

Hackers defaced the Italian government websites and made them display the group’s credo. They also made usernames, e-mail addresses, names and passwords hashes available to the public.  

“As some of you may know (although not nearly as many as it should be), Europe has these past few years been hit by waves of extreme-right nationalism and racism in its political sphere. This includes nationalist political parties like Hungary's ‘Jobbik’, Italy's ‘Lega Nord’ and Finland’s ‘True Finns’,” Echelon, who is thought to be the leader of the group, states in an attempt to explain recent GhostShell actions. “The parties thrive on ignorance and disappointment, and have risen towards power on the wave that was the 2008 economic crisis - just as the NSDAP did during the 30s.”

To date, the group has targeted websites of Comune di San Marzano (sanmarzano-ta.gov.it), IV Circolo C.N.Cesaro (cncesaro.gov.it), primocircolovico.gov.it, donmilaninapoli.gov.it, istitutodenicola.gov.it, cavaprimocircolo.gov.it and itimarconi.gov.it. Hackers have either taken these sites offline, stolen login credentials or put out parts of their database entries.

According to Softpedia, Italy was not the first ProjectWestWind attack, as GhostShell has already put out login credentials connected to a Swedish political party website and to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (ccbe.eu).