30 Sep 2011

IT organizations may need to better enforce antivirus standards

InformationWeek Reports said in new research that while about two-thirds of IT organizations let employees connect to the company network using personal devices, most don't enforce antivirus software standards, patches and device selection.

IT pros worried about this, as 78 percent said the lack of standard enforcement, security and management could be a problem. Only 28 percent of the organizations surveyed had strict rules for mobile device access. The survey also found that 99 percent of IT organizations still support Windows, but 85 percent now support more than one operating system as well.

According to the research summary of the survey, operating systems at IT organizations need to be cleaned up without stifling employee choice or limiting productivity.

PCWorld said that when bringing mobile devices into business, reasonable policies need to be formed. The website said that the policy should cover tablets and smartphones end of life, a clear policy for apps installed on the devices and post a list of all devices that have remote network access to company data.