26 Jan 2012

Israeli newspaper, hospital websites victims of political hacks

Israeli websites may need to look into ramping up internet security, as there are reports that the websites of an Israeli hospital, newspaper and cultural festival's websites were all hacked in a series of political cyber attacks against the country's websites. The newspaper that was hacked, Haaretz Hebrew, said Anonymous Palestine claimed responsibility on Twitter.

"The hackers promised to continue the attack on Israeli websites and in fact, several hours later, the website of Israel Hayom newspaper was also paralyzed, with the hackers tweeting a similar message, 'israelhayom.co.il tango down!,'" the newspaper reports. "The attacks saturated the websites' servers with information such that it could not respond to legitimate internet traffic."

Also hacked was the Sheba Medical Center, Haaretz said. There were several previous attempts to take down other Isreali websites as well, the news source said. The Associated Press reports that the Israel Festival's website had "Death to Israel and U.S.A." written on it and said a hacker named Watchful Eye took responsibility for it.

With cyber warfare efforts picking up, government agencies and all websites should start trying to improve internet security as best as possible to make sure they don't fall victim to a serious hack.