09 Jan 2014

Israel Aviation Authority Cyber Hijacked by Islamic Hackers

The computer systems of the Israel Airports Authority (iaa.gov.il) have been broken into by the Islamic Cyber Resistance Groups, according to Softpedia.

The Muslim hackers stole confidential files including information on flights, flight routing software, maps and flight briefs used by control towers and pilots.

“By the grace of God, we could gain access to iaa.gov.il LAN and in addition to obtaining sensitive information, seized full control over the management panel,” says Wikileaks.ir.

The hackers claim to have accessed a large amount of data in recent months months and are ready to make it available, if necessary.

“[As] the world knows, killing women, children and innocent people is a profession exclusive to Israel and its neophytes, and we, as ordered by Islam, do condemn such moves and, thus, find it sufficient to release sensitive information to prove that we have had the access to the servers and downed the website,” they said.

The operation also intends to demonstrate the weaknesses of Israel’s security system.

The Israel Airports Authority has not issued an official response.