09 Jan 2012

Iran looks to crack down on internet security

In an effort to increase internet security and surveillance, Iran will start to clamp down on certain websites and other areas of the internet.

Iran issued internet cafes 15-day warnings to install security cameras and start collecting personal information of what users have looked at online. There have also been more websites blocked this week with new barriers to social networking websites. Internet connections seemed to have slowed down as well.

"They are closing in on us, and we are already feeling the dire impact of these announcements. Everyone is afraid," a prominent student activist said in an email exchange from Iran, according to Fox News. "It will make it very difficult for us to tell the world what's happening here."

The Wall Street Journal said the moves represent Iran's boldest attempt to control the flow of online information. The moves seem to be more in favor of spying on what people look at online and less in the interest of protecting internet security. Either way, users should beware of where they click online and make sure common sense is used when using the internet.