10 Oct 2012

Iran Cyber Defense Counters Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Iranian authorities announced that some of their key oil platform systems were subject to massive cyber attacks jointly launched by Israeli and Chinese forces, reports the Register. 

The cyber offensive targeted the National Iranian Offshore Oil Company and was countered  by separating computers connected to the internet from intranet-based ones, as stated by Mohammad Raza Golshani, the company’s IT manager.  Golshani also noted the incident did not cause any damage or loss, but that telephone communication with the oil platforms was temporarily disrupted. "Yet, the problem was solved due to the efforts made by the company's experts in the ITC unit", Golshani added, as quoted by farsnews.com.

Iranian officials acknowledge that these kinds of incidents are frequent and that they are part of an ongoing cyber war effort.

"These threats are posed every day and the intelligence apparatus counters and obviates enemy's actions in the cyber space every day," Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi stated in Tehran on Monday. "The Islamic Republic is so powerful in the cyber space that (even) leaders of the arrogant powers admit and acknowledge our country's successes as well."

Iran faced serious cyber security threats in April this year, when one of its main oil facilities was hit with a data-deleting virus. Its cyberwar troubles got worse in June, when authorities detected intensified attacks against its nuclear plants due to a failure of diplomatic talks on the country’s nuclear development plans.