29 Feb 2012

Interpol arrests 25 hackers suspected to be part of Anonymous

Anonymous, the worry of internet security companies and IT departments everywhere, had 25 members arrested across Europe and Latin America, according to AFP. The Associated Press said four of the hackers arrested appeared to be from Spain, after two servers were used by the group in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

"This operation shows that crime in the virtual world does have real consequences for those involved, and that the Internet cannot be seen as a safe haven for criminal activity," said Bernd Rossbach, Interpol's acting director of police services. The operation was titled Operation Unmask and was launched in February, according to AFP, after a series of connected cyber-attacks originated in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

Interpol police seized credit cards and cash from the suspects, who ranged in age from 17 to 40. There were raids on all of those being charged, and 250 items of computer equipment and mobile devices were seized across 15 cities and 40 premises.

While the charges may be a step in the right direction in stopping hackers, people should still make sure they have strong internet security measures in place to protect their systems from potential hackers.