14 Oct 2011

Internet security needs to be better, web pioneer says

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, said internet security is not at the level it should be at the RSA Security Conference in London.

"The security industry must do more," he added. "Users have to make informed security decisions and they need information to make them. I would like to see the security community come to the W3C and join the groups building that environment."

Berners-Lee told the crowd there isn't much good in internet security and work needs to be done to help improve it. He said he wants to see measures and systems that consumers can each use on their own, and said the system needs to be better socially set up to use the security tools that are available.

According to ZDNet, Berners-Lee said one direction to go would be to have "stores of data" run by users, which would mean having user-owned clouds or home equipment which store data on it for the user. He said the user would have control over which applications run and which organizations use it, thereby making internet security better.