30 Dec 2010

Internet security firm reports big year for malware

While 2010 was a tough year in the fight against malware, 2011 might be even tougher. According to an Australian internet security firm, 2011 will be the “year of malware attacks.”

According to the firm, there will be significantly more malware released in 2011 than in 2010 and the strains will be even more complex. Additionally, the firm expects cybercriminals to employ anti-tampering technologies, virtual systems detection and geo-location tools to identify researchers and throw them off their trails.

“We have seen a dramatic shift in the way criminals exploit and do business this year - everyone is now at risk,” said Ted Egan, CEO of the firm. “The evolution of IT infrastructure through Smartphone, USB, tablet devices and cloud computing integration has increased online vulnerabilities.”

According to Egan, enterprise and consumer users lack the tools and awareness to prepare themselves for risks. He also suggested that consumers use real-time, anti-malware protection.

The forecast is not the only one predicting a surge of new malware in 2011. Another forecast by an internet security firm predicts mobile phones will be heavily targeted by cybercriminals.