16 Dec 2011

Internet Explorer updates to be automatic

It's about time, according to Dwight Silverman's TechBlog on the Houston Chronicle's website. Microsoft's Internet Explorer will now have automatic updates, making internet security easier for the average user by helping them stay up to date.

"Web browser vulnerabilities are a major entryway for malware on Windows-based PCs," Silverman said. "One of the best defenses is to make sure your browser is updated with the latest patches and fixes in a timely fashion. The problem is, many folks don’t pay much attention to available security updates until it’s too late."

In a recent blog post, Ryan Gavin, general manager of Internet Explorer business and marketing, said the web is better and safer when browsers are up to date, so they hope making this update will help people avoid common malware and viruses.

The plan, Gavin said, is similar to what Google uses for Chrome's browser updates. That browser updates automatically every time there is a new patch or update from the company. This should help users keep their internet security at an acceptable level and stay safe online.