12 Oct 2011

Internet Explorer patch should help with internet security

A patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer, deemed "critical" by eWeek, fixes at least eight known internet security flaws in the web browser. The patch handled the web browser's memory and the way memory was accessed and allocate.

Eweek said if the bugs in Internet Explorer were exploited, they would expose users to attacks just by browsing to a malware-infected website, Microsoft said. The attacker could easily gain user rights and do whatever they please. Microsoft recommended organizations apply patches to Internet Explorer and .NET/Silverlight first, as attackers could come with an exploit within 30 days.

Malware developers often times can reverse-engineer patches after companies release them, eWeek said. This would help them to develop exploits that target unpatched systems.

PCWorld said although all of the patches are necessary, only two are absolutely critical and only one is being pushed as a top internet security concern. The website said the cumulative security update for Internet Explorer addresses many vulnerabilities and one that can be used to execute malicious code.