01 Nov 2011

Indian authorities shut down computer holding Duqu virus

In an effort to make internet security safer everywhere, Indian authorities have seized computer equipment from a data center in Mumbai thought to be a cog in sending out malicious Duqu software that is thought to be a large security threat, according to news sources.

Reuters reports that two workers at Web Werks, a website hosting company, said India's Department of Information Technology took several hard drives and other parts of a server from their office after being told that it was communicating with Duqu-infected computers. Investigators believe the computers may hold information as to where the Duqu virus originated.

"This one is challenging," said Marty Edwards, director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team. "It's a very complex piece of software."

According to eWeek, Dell's security center found common links between Duqu and the Stuxnet virus that had been observed in other unrelated threats. The two viruses have been linked in the past, but Dell said the relationship between the two were inconsequential at best. While both viruses are at large, people should have antivirus software updated and ready to go.