13 Jan 2012

How to tell if a computer has a virus

Getting a virus can end the life of a computer. It will start to slow down, files can be corrupted and personal information stolen. Sid Kirchheimer writes on the AARP Bulletin that each day, 8,600 new websites with malware are launched, so people should be able to tell when the first sign of a virus pops up on their computers. Antivirus software can help stop viruses in their tracks before they seriously harm a computer.

Some hints to figure out if a computer has a virus includes slowness, unexpected sounds or beeps and frequent pop-up messages, among other things. Unwelcome images and disappearing files are also signs of something awry on a personal computer.

For users who think they have a virus or malware, Kirchheimer suggests disconnecting the internet at its power source, reinstalling antivirus programs if it is acting strangely and check the website of the antivirus program to see if there are any new patches or dangerous viruses going around.

Microsoft said other signs are if the computer is unexpected error messages and if any aspect of the computer sounds like it is working overtime. Antivirus software is a big step in the right direction to stop these viruses from ruining a computer.