05 Dec 2011

How to protect Androids from viruses

While Android phone sales have been on the rise, there has also been criticism that the phone is succeptible to viruses. Jason Fell writes on Entrepreneur.com that users of the operating system need to be careful when installing mobile applications and use antivirus software suited for the device.

"Android devices are open systems that use a large number of hardware and software components," Fell said. "So, just as with most computers, they contain flaws that can be easily exploited. Because of the openness of the Android systems, flaws are quickly identified and patched by the phone's manufacturer."

Fell said users should understand the nature of the phone, patch the system frequently and, just like any other computer, install an antivirus program to help protect the mobile device from malware and viruses.

Kevin Curran, reader in the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems at McGee and senior member of IEEE, said Androids are easy prey for hackers. He said people need to keep up on updating the phone to keep it secure. Antivirus programs can be a very important step in protecting Android phones.