18 Jan 2012

How to protect after a breach

After 24 million Zappos customers were informed by the company that there was an internet security breach and their account information and personal details may have been stolen, many people are rightfully concerned about their online identity and accounts. While the criminals didn't get full credit card numbers in this instance, John Quain writes on Fox News that there are steps that need to be taken to ensure security online.

Quain said people should update their antivirus software and keep it running, get a credit report to see if there is anything fishy going on and being careful which email is opened. He also suggests using a strong password for all websites.

"Yes, we're always being reminded not to use the name of our pet snake or favorite fast food as a password, but who can remember 50 different passwords for all those websites that require registration?" Quain said. "The best advice is to rotate through a series of passwords, changing them on a regular basis. But most important of all is to create one really difficult password and use it only for your email account. "

Antivirus software is an important part in fighting off viruses and malware. Users should make sure their program works well and frequently scan for viruses.