02 Feb 2012

Hospital records in Indiana may have been breached

A hospital in northern Indiana may have experienced an internet security breach through a computer virus, sources say. For occurrences like this, hospitals and other businesses need to make sure they have quality antivirus software.

"We are very sorry it happened here," said Melanie McDonald, spokesperson for Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital, according to the South Bend Tribune. "The sad thing is - these days - there are vulnerabilities online."

More than 12,800 job applicants and patients were notified that their information may have been breached. The virus was discovered in late December, the hospital said, adding that an internet security expert told them they were not sure if any information was accessed, but said someone definitely tried to access it.

McDonald said the hospital now has the task of sending letters to 12,374 people who have applied for jobs and 500 patients whose names, addresses and social security numbers may have been compromised. The hospital is offering to pay for a year of credit monitoring for people, which is another reason the hospital should protect itself with better internet security in the future.