06 Dec 2011

Home WiFi bandwidth to see huge growth in next four years

As the use of the internet grows and mobile devices become more en vouge, Wi-Fi networks are expected to see huge growth as well over the next four years, according to research by IGR. With the growth of WiFi, internet users need to secure themselves with antivirus software and other internet security methods.

The study, called "U.S. Home Broadband and WiFi Usage Forecast 2011-2015," shows that total bandwidth used in homes that use an "extreme" amount of bandwidth is expected to increase from 390 gigabytes per month to 440 GB per month in 2015.

"Why should the major cable providers care about how much Wi-Fi is used in the home? Because today's consumers are expecting a world in which they always have high-speed data access to anything they want and the cable MSOs have been the principal providers of home video and broadband data services for more than a decade," says Matt Vartabedian, iGR's vice president of the wireless and mobile research service. "Internet and data access is inextricably woven into the personal, social and business fabric of today's life."

PCWorld said even if someone has internet security on their wireless network, such as a firewall, additional measures should be taken, such as antivirus software.