15 Dec 2011

Holidays bring internet security traps

As a reminder to watch out for some of the pitfalls of internet use during the holidays, PC Authority Magazine did a list of the "12 Internet Scams of Christmas" in the voice of Santa Claus. Web surfers should be sure to take internet security precautions at all times.

The website suggests being cautious of downloaded novelty games unless they are from a trusted source, being aware of what kind of QR codes are being scanned as some can lead to viruses and malware, and making sure users examine links supposedly leading to Christmas cards from social media websites.

"The shortened links in some Tweets mean you can click on something without realizing where it's really going or without bothering to check," the website said. "You might also receive a link from a follower sent in a private message. If their account has been hacked the message will appear to be from a legitimate follower."

ABC said to also be aware of fake charities phishing for bank information during the holidays, which can then be used to take money from a bank account. Internet users with common sense, internet security precautions and antivirus software should have merry Christmas.