29 Jul 2011

Hard drive recalled in Australia

German discount retailer ALDI recently recalled an external hard drive from its stores in Australia following an Australian Computer Emergency Response Team announcement that the device was preinstalled with malware.

The malware on the built-in hard disk drive of the recalled product, the Fission 4-in-1 hard drive, was probably installed by infected computers involved in the manufacturing process, according to computer security website The Register. AusCERT identified the malware components as part of the Conficker worm, a notorious internet security threat first identified in 2008. Because the worm is so well-known and old, most antivirus programs will easily identify and contain the threat from the infected hard drive, AusCERT said.

ALDI has removed the product from its store shelves and offered a full refund to shoppers who purchased it, according to the Australian Eye.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security official recently said computers have entered the United States with malicious components pre-installed. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Defense stressed the importance of mitigating the risk of this occurring by securing global supply chains as much as possible.