27 Jun 2012

Half of Children Worried by Online Bullying


More than half of children worry about being bullied online, while 37 per cent are already facing this problem, according to a Microsoft global survey.

“Kids need to know that they can turn to a trusted adult, such as a parent, caregiver or teacher, who will talk to them about all kinds of online safety concerns,” said Jacqueline Beauchere, director of Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft.

The study also finds 24 percent of kids worldwide have bullied someone on the Internet, though this is not a top priority for parents. Just 5 per cent of them discuss online bullying with their child’s school, and only 17 percent have talked to their kids about a clear set of rules for negative online behaviors.

The survey also uncovered that children want to talk to parents about the issue, but only 29 percent of kids say their parents have talked to them about protecting themselves online.

Microsoft also released an online bullying quiz, and an interactive educational guide. The survey was conducted among more than 7,600 children ages eight to 17, in 25 countries including the BRIC states, Qatar, Spain, and Singapore.