07 Mar 2012

Hactivists, big data will continue to threaten security in 2012

Attendees of the RSA Conference in San Francisco earlier this month discussed what types of security threats would still reign in 2012, and the top concern, according to Notebook Review, is idealistic young "hactivists" who will continue to attack internet security across the world to get their point across.

"It's certainly been a very interesting and active year in our field with the rise of hacktivism, the increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks, [and] breaches of major organizations," said Ari Juels, chief scientist and director of EMC's RSA Laboratories at a session during the conference, according to the site.

Other threats in the coming year will including foreign governments starting to target clouds and businesses, big data taking control and profiting from user information, attackers making use of hacking into corporate networks and breaching mobile devices and employees, consultants and business partners posing security threats just by using a network.

Daily Finance said other internet security attacks that people need to be wary of in 2012 include threats to virtual currency, embedded hardware, rogue certificates and mobile attacks starting to surpass attacks on PCs.