27 Mar 2012

Hackers use credit report website against users

While many people go to a credit report website to make sure they are finally well, MSNBC reports that hackers may have turned some of these websites into internet security pitfalls. The news source said many of these websites are being "brazenly used by hackers to steal victims' information."

MSNBC said stolen information will go for different values depending on the credit score. One internet security professional said that people with a good credit score "have a bull's-eye on their backs."

"A would-be credit report thief needs additional information to get credit report access, but that can often be gleaned by ordering background checks using the victim's stolen credit card," MSNBC said, adding that reports are stolen from other websites that provide addresses and other valuable information.

A story on Today's website said to protect against identity theft, people should be careful with their personal checks, know what is in their wallet, carefully check credit reports and get rid of old, unneeded documents with important information on it. Things like antivirus software can also be useful to keep malware at bay.