10 Dec 2013

Hackers Target US Judge Over Adult Toys

TeamBerserk hackers claim to have breached the personal computer of Texas Judge Souli A. Shanklin to prove that he bought adult toys with his credit card, according to Softpedia News.

The hacking group announced this week they are coming out of a brief retirement after saying in November that they would quit as they were confident US law enforcement had nothing on them. This group has penetrated the systems of several organizations in the past.

The hackers leaked 23 internal documents allegedly taken from Shanklin’s personal computer. Some of the documents appear to be dated December, 2013 and are not available on the internet.

They also leaked 18 screenshots from Shanklin’s Amazon account that show the adult toys he allegedly ordered.

Shanklin is their first target since the comeback, but he has been targeted by the Anonymous group, in the ProjectMayhem campaign from 2011.