23 Jan 2012

Hackers steal money from bank

In a move that should have one bank in Salem County, New Jersey, scrambling for increased internet security, more than $19,000 was stolen during an illegal wire transfer from an account that holds more than $13 million in funds, according to Today's Sunbeam. The transfer happened in mid-December, and the bank has yet to get the money back.

The news source quotes Salem County chief finance officer Douglas Wright saying that the county was working with law enforcement who believe the county's bank was attacked by a Zeus Bot, a Trojan Horse virus that steals bank information by keylogging and form grabbing.

“They were able to jump in our account and essentially blocked us from logging on,” said Wright, adding that this particular virus is very difficult to detect until it is too late, according to the Sunbeam. “When they were logged in, they wired out $19,000 to an account with JP Morgan Chase out in California.”

According to an August 2010 report from the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, this virus has previously hit thousands of British internet banking customers, stealing thousands of dollars and account information. Banks should make sure they have strong internet security and antivirus software to protect users from similar attacks.