27 Mar 2012

Hackers steal from military dating website database

A military dating website called MilitarySingles.com was hacked into by scammers who took passwords, email addresses and other information from more than 170,000 records, according to a post by LulzSecReborn on Pastebin. Websites like this need to protect users with good internet security measures to make sure leaks such as this don't happen.

"We at ESingles Inc. are aware of the claim that someone has hacked MilitarySingles.com and are currently investigating the situation," Military Singles said about the breach on DataBreaches.net. "At this time there is no actual evidence that MilitarySingles.com was hacked and it is possible that the Tweet from Operation Digiturk is simply a false claim."

The Pastebin post also include links to achieves hosted on the website and the information of many of the individuals from the website. The company, which runs the website, said it is currently in the middle of investing the data breach and taking the necessary security precautions.

When using any social media website, people should be sure to use common sense in protecting their information. Antivirus software, internet security software and more should be utilized to help keep a user safe.