31 May 2011

Hackers steal credit, debit card info from restaurant patrons

A Wilmington, North Carolina, restaurant was recently attacked by a Romanian-based group of cyber criminals, according to a report from StarNewsOnline.

The hackers inserted a program that followed every keystroke entered by employees for customers’ bills. According to the report, the cyber criminals obtained 6,600 credit and debit card numbers, later selling the information online.

To help combat the rising tide of cyber crime activity, law enforcement is stepping up their efforts to protect businesses.

"What the internet has done is lower the barriers of access to put even the most sophisticated criminals all over the place, all at once," said New Hanover County district attorney Ben David.

Despite making it easier for criminals to wreak havoc, technology has provided law enforcement greater crime fighting abilities, the report stated.

“At the same time, technology has made proving cases easier as criminals tend to leave a trail of revealing evidence behind on their hard drives,” wrote the StarsNewsOnline’s Brian Freskos.

As hackers up the ante from attacking small to large companies, Americans continue to grow fearful of potential attacks. According to a report by Unisys, potential internet security concerns increased by 35 percent since August.