21 Jun 2011

Hackers set sites on Macs and mobile devices

A newly released AVG threat report says cyber criminals are increasingly targeting Mac computers and mobile devices.

The increasing popularity of Apple's Mac systems has made them more attractive to hackers, according to the AVG report, which also says criminals are employing time-tested methods of exploitation to compromise Apple computers. This trend received media attention last month, due to a phishing scheme tricking users into providing credit card information to purchase bogus "Mac Defender" security software.

AVG says a similar approach is being taken to target quickly proliferating mobile devices. Some hackers are sending spam prompting users to install malicious apps, but this is not even necessary, since these apps can be posted to markets where unsuspecting users download them.

Last week, Google had to remove 10 malicious apps from its Android Market, and has had to remove dozens since the beginning of the year. And a BullGuard survey released today reveals that while nearly a quarter of respondents bank via their mobile device, over{more than} half did not know that mobile-specific security software is available.