04 Jan 2012

Hackers look to attack satellite, moon mission

Internet security officials may want to start ramping up security on satellites and space programs, as a group of hackers said they want to fight internet censorship by putting their own communications satellite into orbit and developing a grid of stations to communicate with by hacking other satellites and space missions.

The hacking plan was outlined in the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, which is currently being called the Hackerspace Global Grid.

"GPS uses satellites to calculate where we are, and this tells us where the satellites are," Armin Bauer, one of the three Germans involved in the Hackerspace Global Grid, told the BBC last week. "We would use GPS co-ordinates but also improve on them by using fixed sites in precisely-known locations."

The hackers want to put someone on the moon by 2034, according to their website, something that has not been done since the Apollo 17 mission 39 years ago, according to ZDNet. Internet security officials should look to combat these attacks by getting ahead of what the hackers are doing, as hacking into satellites could mean serious security breaches.