16 Dec 2013

Hackers Leak Israel Army Data to Avenge Hezbollah Death

The Islamic Cyber Resistance Group leaked a number of files allegedly related to Al-Qaeda and the Israel Army to avenge the death of Hezbollah Commander Hassan Lakkis, according to Softpedia News.

The group leaked the names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and military ranks of 2,014 Israel army staff. The details of 1,000 Saudi army staff were also leaked.

“To Al-Qaeda & Mossad, We do not forget, we do not forgive, we know that the most valuable thing for you is your life, so take it & run away, because on God’s path, the cheapest thing to us is our lives,” the hackers said in their message.

They also breached the Saudi Binladin Group, claiming to have accessed 7 GB of data and a total of 5 million classified documents from the company. Only around 2,200 emails, faxes and other documents were leaked from the alleged financial supporter of Al-Qaeda.

This attack was dedicated to Lakkis’ children and they are warning that the next attack will be more damaging.