29 Nov 2011

Hackers go after cop who pepper-sprayed protesters at UC Davis

After an officer was caught on video pepper spraying protesters at the University of California, Davis, internet hacking group Anonymous has taken it upon itself to launch an online attack on him. This officer would be wise to invest in internet security and antivirus software to help protect himself while he is heavily in the public eye.

The officer, Lt. John Pike, was named in a video by the group in a video in which they revealed his home address, telephone number and cell phone numbers, as well as emails and other personal information.

“Flood his home with pizza deliveries and junk mail. … Flood his Skype. … Flood his phones, email and mailbox to voice your anger," Anonymous said in the video in a computerized voice. “It is time you took a dose of your own medicine and stopped hiding behind your badge."

Pictures of the incident, which featured Pike pepper-spraying protesters who were said to be blocking a pathway during an "Occupy" protest. Two were hospitalized and nine were treated at the scene by medics, according to the Washington Times.

During an era where so much is in the public eye, everyone should be protected by an antivrius program so as not to be wide open to attacks by hackers.