04 Apr 2011

Hackers continue to provide influence, danger to cyber world

Even as established governments continue to bolster their cyber defenses, it appears a younger generation has the upper hand in the online warfare occurring worldwide.

According to a recent report by the New York Times’ John Markoff, one of the greatest effects of the internet is its ability to transform the balance of power between nations and citizens. Recently, several security companies have been hacked by a 16-year-old and and 21-year-old.

These incidents reiterate the potential a single person or group has over large corporations, whether it’s humiliating the company or placing millions of internet users in danger, the article state.

“It’s a completely surreal realization that nation states can be seriously confronted by teenagers, but that’s where we’re at,” John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation told the New York Times. “One very smart person can take on an entire nation state.”

Recently, it was revealed NASA may be in danger of cyber attacks, due to several vulnerabilities in its IT system, according to a report by the Register. The methods potential hackers may use against the system include defacement and denial of service attacks.