27 Sep 2012

Hackers Claim Wells Fargo Website Outage - Other Banks Targeted

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters claimed a recent attack on Wells Fargo which lead to eight hours of downtime. The hacker group said it will also attack U.S. Bancorp and PNC Financial Services Group, according to a PasteBin post.

Although Wells Fargo did not reveal the nature of the website outage, experts say that classic DDoS attack might be involved. Considering the same group was deemed responsible for recent attacks on the Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co, the eight-hour downtime on Wells Fargo suggests their techniques have improved.

The 14-minute video trailer insulting the Prophet Muhammad that triggered this series of attacks on U.S. banks was removed from some countries for violating local law. The hacking group said countries such as Israel, France and the UK will be included in the hacking spree if “America's arrogant government do not submit.”

“Insult to a prophet is not acceptable especially when it is the Last prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him),” said the group. “So as we promised before, the attack will be continued until the removal of that sacrilegious movie from the Internet.”

Emphasizing these attacks were not state-sponsored, the hacker group claims more attacks will follow to protest the “Innocence of Muslims” movie.