10 Feb 2012

Hackers break into Apple supplier's network

As a computer company, Apple should have top of the line internet security to defend against hackers, but that may not be true of its suppliers. Chinese supplier, Foxconn, was trying to contain a security breach this week after hackers became unhappy over the factory conditions at the company. The login information for the entire Foxconn staff was leaked over the internet.

A group calling itself Swagg Security took credit for the hack and even posted personal information belonging to the chief executive of Foxconn's parent company, Hon Hai Industries. Information was posted on The Pirate Bay and Pastebin websites. The hacks were in protest of how iPhones were made, saying that factory conditions need to change.

"Everyone here is an avid Apple user, we just want to ensure those products are made in working conditions that are ethical and fair and safe," said Brie Rodgers Lowery, U.K. campaigns director of Change.org, who was not involved with the hack but delivered petition signatures to an Apple store. "Finding out about the conditions under which iPhones and iPads are produced makes me disturbed to own one. We are hoping to push Apple to set a precedent for other technology companies."

Companies with an online presence should employ effective internet security solutions to reduce the impact of these hacks.