11 Jan 2012

Hackers begin to target mobile devices more

Mobile antivirus software is becoming more of a necessity. Electronic experts expect 2012 will be the year that viral attacks start working on phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Paul Flury, a network administrator for the city of St. Joseph, Missouri, said 2012 will be the first year phone sales will take over for computer sales, so users will most likely see more targeted attacks on their devices, The St. Joseph News-Press reported. One big reason for these attacks is because users of mobile devices increasingly use digital wallets to look at bank accounts and transfer money.

“As we desire our smart phones to do more and more, then obviously we’re building more and more capabilities into our smart phones," Flury said. "That just increases our footprint as well as the attack vector."

Geek Squad expert Keith Brook said people can help protect their phones by turning Wi-Fi networks off in public places, Sherman, Texas CBS affiliate KXII reported. This can help quell the ability people have to hack into a phone. Other than this, people should invest in mobile antivirus software to help keep breaches away from their device.