31 May 2011

Hackers attack Honda Canada

Honda Canada recently confirmed that information for thousands of its customers was recently obtained by hackers.

According to the company, more than 283,000 customers had personal information stolen. That included names, addresses, vehicle identification numbers and financing account numbers. The information accessed by the cyber criminals was related to the company's 2009 program encouraging users to register for the Canadian Acura and Honda websites.

"Honda sincerely apologizes for this incident and we are working diligently to protect your information and improve our data security procedures," said Honda Canada.

The company stated it’s currently notifying all customers affected by the incident through email, telling them of possible malware marketing campaigns from third parties.

"Honda does not share its customer information with unauthorized third parties and does not contact customers asking for financial information," the company added.

The attack against Honda Canada is the latest in cyber criminal activity. In April, cyber criminals targeted Sony’s PlayStation Network, obtaining information regarding millions of users. Overall, more than 73,000 variants of malware were released on a daily basis last month, increasing 26 percent from April 2010, according to a report by an internet security company.