30 Jan 2012

Hackers are looking to build up firepower, report says

It's something of a cyber security arms race between security companies and hackers, as Imperva's second Web Application Attack Report shows that hackers have increased their firepower by 30 percent. Internet surfers and companies need to take heart and equip themselves with antivirus software.

Hackers hit websites with 38,000 attacks per hour from June to November 2011, which is when WAAR did the study. This is greater than the 25,000 attacks tracked from December 2010 through May 2011, according to InfoSecurity-US

“Attacks were less evenly spread across time and more concentrated into higher volume individual attack campaigns," according to Amichai Shulman, chief technology officer at Imperva. “We are seeing more attacks that are not of a technical nature but of a logical nature. These attacks are compromised of requests that are legitimate with respect to their structure and content, but they represent an abuse of the application functionality."

Hackers are relying more on logic now, according to the report, as business logic attacks including email extraction and comment spamming have accounted for 10 percent of the analyzed malicious traffic. Users should have internet security precautions to protect against this.