24 Mar 2011

Hacker sentenced to 9 years

Jesse William McGraw, hacker and former leader of anarchist group the Electronik Tribulation Army, was recently sentenced to nine years and two months in prison.

Mcgraw, 26, is known as GhostExodus and is responsible for installing malware on computers at a Texas hospital. The hacker came to the attention of the FBI after he posted videos on YouTube showing him installing an RxBot on a desktop computer. Another video of McGraw shows him with tools used for these infiltrations, including lock picks, a mobile phone jammer and fake FBI credentials..

The Electronik Tribulation Army was reportedly building a botnet to rival other cyber gangs, including the famous hacker group Anonymous.

“I think the sentence is appropriate,” R. Wesley McGrew of a security company told Wired.com. “He jeopardized public health and safety with his actions and I think it’s important to take a really strong stance against that.”

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit recently reported it has successfully shut down the Rustock botnet, which accounted for hundreds of billions of spam messages daily in 2010. This marks a major victory in the global cyber war taking place.