26 Jul 2011

Hacker group Anonymous goes after Italian cybercrime unit

Internet hacking group Anonymous appears to be at it again with an attack on Italy's cybercrime unit, claiming to have taken more than 8 gigabytes of data from the police force.

In a statement, Anonymous called the Italian police unit - known as the National Center for Computer Crime and the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNAIPIC) - a "corrupted organization" and alleged that the group performed "illegal operations with foreign intelligence agencies and oligarchy to facilitate their lust for power and money."

According to Anonymous, documents obtained through the hack contain information on Australia, Belarus, Egypt, Nepal, Russia, the United States and other countries and companies.

Many industry experts suspect this most recent attack, which Anonymous is calling "Project Italy," is in response to the FBI raids and the arrests of 16 people in the U.S. and five in Europe who are thought to be part of the Anonymous organization.

Earlier this month Anonymous set its sights on U.S. defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and claimed to have taken about 90,000 email addresses while erasing about 4 gigabytes of source code from the company's system.