04 Apr 2014

Hacker Claims to Have Developed a Method to Get Free Flights

A Greek hacker claims to have developed a method to get free flights by creating a fake boarding pass for Apple’s Passbook, according to ITNews.

Andrew Hariton a computer science undergrad from Greek University of Crete, known as @DaKnObCS, claims to have found a bypass that affects ticket scanners.

“Airports have scanners at the boarding gates (and many are implementing these prior to security checks) whereby the data scanned is matched against the airlines’ departure control system to reconcile the passengers on board the flights against those booked on the flight," Albert Tjoeng, Communications Officer at the International Air Transport Association said.

"In fact, following the introduction of bar coded boarding passes six years ago, airports have automated the reconciliation process of the boarding pass and the passenger list at the boarding gates."

The developed method allegedly uses CSS and Java coding within a browser and, using an API, they can be transferred to Apple Passbook.

The only risk, the hacker said, would be if a person with a fake pass boards a fully booked plane.

"Currently, if you get into a completely booked flight and you have no place to sit, it will obviously be detected," the hacker concluded.