03 May 2013

Google’s Glass Hacked

The Google Glass wearable computer was hacked to siphon video and audio data to anyone interested. By compromising the modified version of Android on the Glass, hackers can also hear and watch whatever the wearer is doing in real time.

Considering that Glass attaches a camera and a microphone to the wearer’s head, it’s disturbing to know that a hacker can monitor someone on- and off-line, Jay “saurik” Freeman said “A bugged Glass doesn't just watch your every move: it watches everything you are looking at (intentionally or furtively) and hears everything you do. The obvious problem, of course, is that you might be using it in fairly private situations.”

“The only thing it doesn't know are your thoughts," as reported by Daily Mail.

It is fairly easy to forget about it while checking out contact on the phone, typing in card passwords at an ATM or POS, entering door codes. “A more subtle issue is that, in a way, it also hacks into every device you interact with'” Freeman added.

Google plans to launch Glass sometime next year and still has time to right the wrong. But the fact that someone already breached the gadget is a bit worrisome, especially with hackers warning us that “nothing is safe once your Glass has been hacked."